Already, But Not Yet – Living In The Tension

Dec 31st 2017

Spiritual transformations, mending of relationships, healing, God’s intervention in our everyday lives – these are all evidences of the “alreadyness” of the Kingdom at work in everyday life.  Even the existence of the Church itself is evidence of the Already.  Chris Brannon speaks on what it means to live in the tension of the already, but not yet.  The Not Yet is what we see in the world within all the tragedies.  The church enjoys the “alreadyness” of the community of the redeemed, but her “not yetness” reminds her to uphold her purity through discipline.  She must guard against false teachers and immorality.  Christians should be dealt with as forgiven sinners: neither above reproach or wholly incapable of any good.

What happens when we live well in the tension of the already, but not yet?  It causes us to hope for the complete fulfillment of God’s promises.  Living in the tension also gives us strength to deal with our current situation – whether good or bad.  It shrinks our doubt and empowers us to trust in God.  Living in the tension also builds our desire to know Him more.  Lastly, it causes us to press on toward maturity.

What should we do about this tension?  Chris gives us nine good habits to pursue in 2018:

  1. Resolve to live with eternity in mind
  2. Resolve to kill sin
  3. Resolve to pursue holiness
  4. Resolve to be thankful
  5. Resolve to read and meditate on the Scriptures
  6. Resolve to give more
  7. Resolve to commit to a local church
  8. Resolve to worship God through song
  9. Resolve to aim for the glory of Christ

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