Foundations Part 9 – Bring the Gospel

Dec 03rd 2017

Do you know what the Advent season is truly about?  Chris Brannon wraps up our Foundations series with a sermon on bringing the Gospel to all!  Jesus Christ has come and will come again.  This is the hope of the Church, whom He purchased with His blood.  Jesus’ coming is the eager expectation and desire of His people.  This is the theme of “Advent”, formed from a Latin word, meaning “coming” or “arrival”.  It is an opportunity to pause and reflect on the birth of Jesus.

Think about the way you felt on December 24th as a kid.  You could hardly wait for the next day to arrive, and the anticipation made it hard to sleep!  There were some shepherds that felt that way on the first Christmas Eve, but their excitement wasn’t just about what was to come; they were excited by what they had already seen and heard.  They had already received the good news of a promise.  Chris continues to tell us what that good news was and why it was such good news.

We are each placed strategically in the lives of others whom God is calling.  See yourself as an ambassador of Christ for the purpose of sharing the good, good news!  See yourself as sent by God for the sake of sharing good news of the kingdom.  Pray for eyes to see, doors of opportunity to open and wisdom to speak.

Foundations Preaching Series